Feedstock Flexibility
Demonstrated at Significant Scale with Multiple Feedstocks
Proprietary, Adaptable, and Low-Cost Production Technology
Feedstock Flexibility
Competitive in any Regulatory Environment
Business Model that will Drive Rapid Growth
Leverages Established Technologies to Minimize Risk

Our Process

Coskata is commercializing a process for producing fuels and chemicals from a wide variety of resources, including natural gas, wood, trash and industrial gases.

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Welcome to Coskata

Coskata is a technology leader in the production of alternative fuels and chemicals. Our proprietary process has been demonstrated at significant scale and offers:

  • High yields
  • Low costs
  • Feedstock flexibility

While our technology platform is capable of producing multiple fuels and chemicals from a diverse array of feedstocks, we are initially focused on commercializing our natural gas conversion process. Natural gas is an attractive feedstock due to its abundant supply and low cost, and we expect to achieve production costs that are significantly lower than competitive approaches to fuels and chemicals production.

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Natural Gas

Learn how Coskata is utilizing the country's abundant and low-cost supply of natural gas to fuel our future.


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