Useful Links

For the best online experience, check out these websites to increase your awareness of technology news and updates!


Wired has a fantastic coverage of technical news on the latest electronics and gadgets on the market today. Not only do they discuss the latest news in detail, but also they give web developers and designers the most valuable information you can get online.


If you’re a gadget lover, visiting this website will be a treat for you! They provide the best guides and reviews for the latest gadgets in the market. For Apple, Android and Windows users, this website is one of the best daily stops on the Internet!


For all the latest news on technological products and everything in the tech industry, this website is the informational and educational pit stop for your electronic needs! No matter what type of tech you’re using, you’ll find useful information here!

The Verge

If you’re the meticulous type, this website is perfect for you! From the latest products to in-depth reviews, this site is one to bookmark in your browser!

Tech Radar

If you want the latest news on laptops, personal computers, tablets and mobile devices, Tech Radar is everything you need to stay updated. Each of their ratings is completed through a series of research so you’ll get detailed reviews on all of the gadgets out there!

Yahoo Tech

Everyone knows Yahoo and its prominence in the online world. Their avenue for tech lovers is well designed and easy to navigate for the latest tech news!

Tech Republic

The Tech Republic is another website focused on the world of electronics and online services. Here you’ll get the latest news on cloud storage, data management, and Internet speed. If you’re an online entrepreneur, hit this website up!

GSM Arena

GSM Arena is focused on gadgets and the latest mobile devices and presenting all the specifications you need to choose the best tech for you. To get in-depth specifications for your mobile device, check this website out!

These are only a few of the online resources to use for your tech needs, but these are undoubtedly the best!